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Reserved Tables and Ballroom Layout

The chapter has attempted many different ways to allow groups and studios to reserve tables in advance. Nothing we have done has worked perfectly so this year we are back again with an attempt at something new. We hope this will work better but if not we will try once again next year.

As in past years we will be setting aside tables for the three local Chapters that support out work with attendance and sharing advertising all year. They are also the ones that always bring in large groups.

If you click the link above you will download and be able to print our Table Layout Chart showing all 31 tables.
Tables 5 & 7 & 8 Will be Reserved for Richmond Chapter #6006
Tables 27 & 28 Will be Reserved for Williamsburg Chapter #6009
Members from Tri-Cities Chapter #6060 will probably be sitting with the above chapters
Tables 13 & 15 & 16 will be Reserved for Tidewater Chapter #6008 along with National Guests and visiting Pros
Table # 1 or #3 will be a dedicated singles table.

For now we ask that everyone just let us know who or which group/studio they wish to sit with and we will do our best once we see all the numbers. Please do not contact us as ask to reserve multiple tables unless you have reservations for both meal nights lined up for those seats.

We really have enough great tables to go around and the way we are aligning tables and planning the shows there are only a very few not so great tables.


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