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                                            Pricing and Reservations

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This year we have made needed changes to our pricing. For those who mail in or purchase directly items using a check (or cash) you will notice no changes in pricing. For those or you who purchase on-line using a charge card you will see that the pricing on-line is approximately 3.5% higher. This is the percentage in fees that the Chapter had to deduct from each sale last year meaning less amount to cover our expenses and add to our Youth Scholarship fund.

For many the convenience of using a charge card will negate the extra amount needed to pay. For others please print out and mail in your registration form along with a check. Please do not mail cash. (does anyone still do that?)

* as a reminder, the above PDF price sheet is for checks and cash only

How to fill out and mail in an order

This year we simplified the registration form so go ahead and click the link above and print in out. It's only a single page. While you are at it go ahead and click the event pricing link also and print that as well. Now that you have both let's talk about these low prices......

Most everyone would like to obtain the best pricing possible so we made it simple. If you plan to make a vacation out of this, and attend the entire event, your best deal is to purchase one of our packages. We have two. If you are wanting to take as many workshops as you can then our top package is your best deal. If you take all the workshops the maximum you could attend is 18. The package with the workshops is $75.00 higher than the one without. If you bought this package and took all 18, each workshop would cost you $4.17!!. If you are a USA Dance Member that number is even lower.

The very best pricing is to purchase that package and do it before October 31st at 5pm. (Postmark date) Judy Schultz is the one taking orders and she gets pretty overloaded when people wait until the last minute to place orders so please don't wait until the last day.

Become a USA Dance member! This year we decided to give USA Dance members a nice discount on the packages. The member discount price is right on the price lists (you printed one right?). There is a discount only on packages and your membership must be valid thru the end of the event (January 1st). For us to honor that discount we do need for you to include your membership number(s). If you are part of a couple we need both numbers. If only one of you is a member we need to know who so that person gets the lower price.

So in recap, the lowest prices are obtained by being a USA Dance member, purchasing a package and mailing in your registration early! We need that membership number in order to apply and process your registration. There is a place on the form to add it. Please let us know if it will expire before January 1st 2019. If you arrive with an expired membership we do have renewal forms in our registration area!

OK, back to the form. It's pretty simple so just fill it in. Make sure to add something in the notes area (last box on the form). Make sure to include a check or Postal Money Order made out to:
USA Dance Chapter #6008

Address the envelope and mail your filled out form and payment to:
Judy Schultz
3313 Carney Farm Lane
Portsmouth, VA - 23703

How to purchase on line

This year we needed to make up for our processing cost losses when guests purchase on-line. We know it's super convenient but just because we are a non-profit does not mean we don't need funds to operate or use for our scholarship program.

However, we still have that easy on-line store operated by Square so here is how you use it.....
Go to the top of this page and click the link at the far left. This should take you right to our super easy store. Once there take a quick look at what we have available. You will find no event shirts yet but plenty of different ways to have a good time at our event. Again, please note that these on-line prices are about 3.5% higher than those for mail in registrations.

Ok, now that you have looked over the items just click an item that you wish to purchase. Now you will see a box open up on your screen with hopefully the item that you want. Just check your price, update the Quantity and then click Add to Cart. You will now see your cart. If you want to add more items then click Continue Shopping and repeat the above process. If you are done then please double check that all the items you want are listed and in the right quantities. If all is right then click Checkout.

Checking out is important. If you purchased and registered here last year you may already have a Login. If not just add your name, email and phone number. We will use this information to contact you (if needed) so please type carefully. Next just add in your Credit Card information including the CCV code on the card back and the Zip code where you get your statements (usually home). If you get all this go over to the box that says... Add additional note to Merchant (optional) This is NOT optional. See below...

Add additional information box. We really want you to put something here so below are some suggestions:
1 - If you are a Vegetarian than please let us know
2 - If you have Gluten or other food Allergies please let us know
3 - If you prefer to sit with a group please let us know and give us the name(s) or studio name.
4 - If you are buying a package and are claiming the USA Dance Member Discount, this is where you add the member number. (for couples we need both numbers) Only members get a discount!
5 - If you are buying tickets for you and also for someone else this is the place to give us the name(s)
6 - Anything else? Special phone number? extra email?

All done? Prices and Items correct? Notes complete? Now you can click the place order button. If all goes well you should get an email confirmation and we will get notice of your purchase.
What happens next!

Once we get notice of your purchase we will print it out and check to make sure everything is there. If not we will contact you. If it's all good we will prepare a package to be placed at the Hotel in our Will Call area of our 2nd floor registration.

If you took a USA Dance member discount we need to verify your Member number. If it will expire before January 1st 2019 you will need to make arrangements to renew. If you forget we will have renewal forms in our Registration area at the Hotel.

If you need to let us know more information after you placed your order please give Judy a call. 757-763-8101. Leave a message if she does not answer but not a text. That phone does not do texts.

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