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This year we are adding more workshops and going to a print format with each workshop on it's own sheet. For now each sheet has a Watermark noting that it is a Draft. The Chapter and instructors have been working very hard to come up with a good line-up of classes so while a "Draft" it is also the 5th version and should be all but completed.

Besides the extra room and larger print you will notice a few more things on these sheets. We have done a better job of identifing the major dance style taught as in International/American/Country. We also have reduced the number of Beginner Classes and only offer them in some of the less common but interesting dance styles.

Several months ago we sent an email requesting workshop instructors to every studio in Hampton Roads including the Peninsula and Williamsburg. We also sent emails to every studio we could locate in Richmond. This was sent to both open and closed studios as well as the well known chains many contacted us while quite a few did not bother. We feel that our NYE Gala provides an excellent way for Dance Studios to present their best teacher and classes. On top of that our Chapter pays them to advertise. We are sorry that some do not take advantage of this.

Our line-up of instructors represent the best instructors that this are has to offer. We hope you enjoy the classes and take these new skills and patterns back with you after our event.

Intensive Classes <<< Click Here for details
This year we have added a new learning opportunity for our guests. We call these classes our Intensive Classes. We asked these instructors to come up with classes that would show the students something completely different and challange the student to look at the subject in a different way. These classes are NOT a part of any package and must be purchased separate. Each class will last for one hour and cost $20.00. The classes are scheduled when there are no other classes running. We hope you enjoy them.

On Saturday 29th at 4pm in the main Ballroom Joe and Natalie will be teaching a class titled "Creating Dynamic Rhythm Turns"
On Sunday 30th at 10am in the main Ballroom Katja Marc-Harris will be teaching a class titled "Arm Styling and Awareness in all styles"
On Monday 30th at 4pm in the Commodore Room Martin Smith along with Rick Zilonka (Both Ballroom Adjudicators) will be teaching a class called "From a Judge's view"
On Tuesday 31st at 4pm in the Commodore Room Phyllis Harris and Mercedes Cook with be teaching and Advanced Argentine Tango Class titled " A Sensual Walkwith Tight Circular Turns"

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