Tidewater Chapter Mid-Term Board Elections

Board positions for the 2019 term

The Chapter board is between 7 and 9 members in size. At present each board member is elected for a two year term ending on an odd numbered year.
For this Mid-Term Election the Chapter will start with 5 members wishing to complete their 2019 term, 2 members not wishing to continue and one member wishing to continue but needing a membership vote.
During the break at the November 24th Dance the elections will take place under the Direction of our election commitee Ray Smith and Keith Lansley. Ray and Keith will present the slate of officer and count ballots received. Elections results will be given that night plus by email as soon as possible.

How can the membership get involved?

As a member you can get involved in several ways:
1 - Keeping your USA Dance membership current.
2 - Letting us know you can volunteer on a commitee.
3 - Become Nominated for a Board Member position or Nominate another member.

How can I become nominated for a Board of Director position?

To become nominated (or to nominate another Chapter Member) is really easy. Click on the below link to download and print the Nominating form for the Mid-Term Election.
Fill out the form and make sure the acceptance portion at the bottom is completed.
Hand this to any Board Member or to one of our election Commitee members, Ray Smith or Keith Lansley.
Be sure to vote for those on our Slate of elegible Members as soon as it is presented. Since the Slate is held open until the election is held the final slate is not available until that night.

Election Documents

Tidewater Chapter 3019 Election Procedure - Please read

Board of Director 2019 Nomination Form - You can view and print this PDF document. Fill out and give to any Chapter Election Committee Member

2019 Mid-Term Election Slate - This Document will be updated 2 weeks prior to our election with names that are submitted and certified.

National USA Dance - General Election Procedure V2 (For Chapters) - Procedure for Elections V2 (Chapter information only) The full Document (V2) with both National and Chapter Election Procedure is available at this site location - http://www.usadance.org/about/rules-policies-bylaws/