Tidewater Chapter Mid-Term Board Elections

Board positions for the 2019 term

The Chapter board is between 7 and 9 members in size. At present each board member is elected for a two year term ending on an odd numbered year.
For this Mid-Term Election the Chapter will start with 5 members wishing to complete their 2019 term, 2 members not wishing to continue and one member wishing to continue but needing a membership vote.
During the break at the November 24th Dance the elections will take place under the Direction of our election commitee Ray Smith and Keith Lansley. Ray and Keith will present the slate of officer and count ballots received. Elections results will be given that night plus by email as soon as possible.

How can the membership get involved?

As a member you can get involved in several ways:
1 - Keeping your USA Dance membership current.
2 - Letting us know you can volunteer on a commitee.
3 - Become Nominated for a Board Member position or Nominate another member.

How can I become nominated for a Board of Director position?

To become nominated (or to nominate another Chapter Member) is really easy. Click on the below link to download and print the Nominating form for the Mid-Term Election.
Fill out the form and make sure the acceptance portion at the bottom is completed.
Hand this to any Board Member or to one of our election Commitee members, Ray Smith or Keith Lansley.
Be sure to vote for those on our Slate of elegible Members as soon as it is presented. Since the Slate is held open until the election is held the final slate is not available until that night.

How to vote

Voting is by invitation and open to USA Dance Chapter #6008 Members only. Each member has received an email with instructions on how to vote. If you have received this email make sure you have your member number handy before voting. If you are a current Chapter member and have not received the email please contact us ASAP. Voting also can be done in person and in writing at the evening of our next social dance November 24th 2018 prior to the break

Election Documents

Tidewater Chapter 3019 Election Procedure - Please read

Board of Director 2019 Nomination Form - You can view and print this PDF document. Fill out and give to any Chapter Election Committee Member

2019 Mid-Term Election Slate - This Document will be updated 2 weeks prior to our election with names that are submitted and certified.

National USA Dance - General Election Procedure V2 (For Chapters) - Procedure for Elections V2 (Chapter information only) The full Document (V2) with both National and Chapter Election Procedure is available at this site location - http://www.usadance.org/about/rules-policies-bylaws/

Who are the 2019 Mid-Term Nominees?
Here's a little bit of information, in thier own words, about why they can make a difference as a Board Member

John Galle - I am “just” a social dancer (just like the vast majority of USA Dance members) and have been dancing Swing/Hustle/Cha Cha, since the mid 1970s in clubs for fun.  Therefore, I can give the board a neutral, social dancer perspective as I have no dance business nor particular interest in performance dancing to promote; I dance for fun…which I think is sometimes overlooked.  I got a bit more serious, and added additional ballroom dances and steps in mid 2000s through lessons.  I became associated with USA Dance in 2008, as a chapter member and recently as a dance host as well.  Additionally, as an engineering organization process analyst for over 20 years, I can easily step back, observe, and identify/fix organizational process problems for organizations as I view things from a neutral perspective.  For example: I became a dance host at Dancesport VA and USA Dance, because I noticed 2 problems, many ladies were “sitting”, and the “new folks” were being intimidated and overwhelmed by all the great dancers at social dances and afraid to dance; they left early and did not come back.  Solution: Be a dance host, make it my priority to seek out new folks and singles and make sure they have fun at a social dance, so they come back, as that is the only way for a dance organization to remain healthy.  I have also really enjoyed being a member of the Chapter New Year’s Eve Gala Staff/Dance Host since 2013, assisting in identifying and solving many of the behind the scenes “stuff” to make it seem such a smooth operation from the attendee perspective.  Bottom Line: My focus as a board member will be to provide a fresh, neutral perspective looking to optimize the organizational processes, identify and solve problems, and in the case of USA Dance, try to make dance more fun for the participants as a result.
Judy Schultz - I was originally asked to serve on the Board early in 2018 to fill a vacancy. I accepted since the Board needed working members who are willing to handle some of the many small tasks needed to make the chapter function smoothly. My main job as a Board member has been as the first contact for guests wishing to register for the Chapter's annual NYE Gala. I also have the task of making sure all seating arrangements at both Gala Reserved Seat Dances are complete and to everyone's satisfaction. One more of my Board duties is to receive and login all NYE payments received from guests and turn those funds over to the Chapter Treasurer. When not handling the working aspect of my Board position I attend all Chapter Dances as well as assist my husband Walter with our teaching and DJ work.
Cheryl Styron - I am the person with the least dance experience running for a Board Member position. But, I can bring other skills to the position. At my daily job I handle accounting duties as well as communicating with both employees and vendors. I can put those skills to use in helping the Chapter Treasurer as well as helping deal with outside vendors that the Chapter has a chance to work with. As a new dancer I also "see" and experience the dance world differently. As such I can bring a different perspective to the Board. I am a Social Dancer and find dance opportunities in both studios and clubs so have also the chance to introduce our Chapter to those who would not normally attend a social dance. If I am given a task, I do what it takes to get it done. It does not matter if that task is helping clean up after a dance or assist the Treasurer when he needs the help. I am a team player and feel I can work well with the other Board members  
Barbara Zoeckler - I have lived in most of the major cities of the U.S. and have been in Virginia Beach for the past 18 years (2nd time in the area. ) I have had a long and varied career from owning a Personnel Agency in the Washington, DC area to Corporate Sales Rep for Kinko/FedEx in the Silicon Valley area of California.  I have been trained in Voiceover and taught Transformational Speaking & hold a degree in Graphic Art with a Photography Specialization, which became my 2nd career. My work has been accepted in juried exhibits such as the Boardwalk Art Show, The Town Center, The New Waves Show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital to name a few.   My 3rd career was as the Conference Facilitator at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment.  Currently, I am writing a lecture for the A.R.E.. Dance was something I enjoyed in my early years but have only returned in 2015 to take ballroom dance lessons at DancesportVA.  Since then I have performed in several Showcases at DancesportVA and performed in the 2016 Hampton Roads Dancing with the Stars. I would say my strong suits are organization and presentation.  I look forward to contributing to USA Dance as a board member.    
Regina Kalbacher - Regina’s started her experience with USA Dance performing in a group dance choreographed by one of her instructors & mentors, Wes Acker and was asked by Wanda Smith & Gretchen Allen to be Chair of Decorations for the NYE Gala. She spent the next few years adding to the collection of decor & staying below budget.
In the next few years she was asked to join the board starting with the role of membership chair helping to bring in a few dozen new members that year, created a Facebook page for the Chapter, created a new look & several newsletter that published/distributed & assisted with creating/editing a website for the chapter.
In 2015 she signed a contract to open her own studio after teaching weekly classes for the last 8 years, which included but was not limited to the Blocker YMCA, Great Bridge YMCA, Botanical Gardens, The Jewish Temple on Granby St & Rec Center’s. She was the Chair & main organizer of National Ballroom Dance week several years ago for the Day of Dance at Pembrook Mall with most of the local studios participating & working with several studios/instructors on a Chapter Flash Mob that you can find on utube under Pembrook Mall Grand ReOpening.
The same year she started construction on her dance studio she stepped up as Assistant Chair of the NYE Gala to form a new board & committee to host the event that year after it was canceled and felt it was a rewarding event planned in a short time before she stepped off the board to focus on running a dance studio.
757 Dance Studio has a team of independent instructors working together to offer a variety of styles from Hip Hop to ballroom with our youngest student at age 4 & and others as diverse as the varieties of styles we offer from teens to adults coming from the Adult Learning Center. 
Today, Regina works with a great team at the studio & now feels she can offer part of her time & focus to help Tidewater Chapter in several areas as well as bringing in new volunteers to help the Chapter succeed in its goals if she is elected to return as a member of the board.
Martin Smith - I am a partner and the Dance director at DancesportVA.  I am one of only a few USAD judges in the area and the only qualified and licensed WDSF judge in the area. I have spent 25+ years of my 37 year long career on dance committees and boards. .  I was also a national officer for 10 years on the USISTD committee and examinations director for 3 years   I have been a USAD member for over 10 years and I believe I am the only 4 discipline licentiate qualified professional member in the Tidewater area. If elected, I will keep foremost in my mind that i represent you, the member, and will always put dancers and dancing first.    
Terrie Carpenter -  Terrie Carpenter has been an Investment Advisor Representative with Bankers Life Investment Advisory Service for 8 years. Terrie has been in marketing and sales for 25 years. She has been dancing for over 3 years, been in several completions and performed many showcases. Past career experience and a love of dance prompts this nomination.  .