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USA Dance (Tidewater) Chapter #6008

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Mercedes Cook - Dance Instructor and Owner of "MiTango House"

Teaching during the event
31st 4pm Intensive Class - "A Sensual Walk with Tight Circular Turns in Argentine Tango"
Above taught with Phyllis Harris







Mercedes Cook – MiTango House, Norfolk, VA

 In 1999, I attended Spoleto, an arts festival, in Charleston, S.C.  It was there that I heard a quintet, Quintango, play Argentine Tango Music and I was overwhelmed with so many memories.  I knew the lyrics to some of the songs and I could recall my grandfather and grandmother listening and dancing to it.   My quest was on.

Born in the Bronx, New York, in an area known as Spanish Harlem.  Latin music and dance were everywhere and family gatherings also included them.  As a child, I lived with my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother.  They were all dancers and I was introduced to dancing as soon as I could stand.  Dance is incredibly joyous.

At first, Argentine Tango was a hobby, then a passion, and now a lifestyle.  Over the past 19 years, I have been an ardent student of this art form and have studied with many famous and not so famous teachers.  To name of few:  Pablo Veron, Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart, Brigitta Winkler, Tomas Howlin, Chan Park, Korey Ireland, Fabian Salas, Pablo Fontana, Ann Sofie Villa, and Sharna Fabiano.  All of them helped me fall deeply in love the music and the dance.   I am constantly thrilled with the opportunity of guiding others into this amazing art form. 

I started MiTango House and have been organizing milongas, workshops and teaching for the better part of 15 years in the Hampton area.  Technique and structure are my specialties.   Helping dancers who are just learning this dance or having trouble executing steps they have learned is where I shine.  Teaching them refinement of connection and body movements are my passion.   



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