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Intensive Workshops

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Intensive Classes
This year we have added a new learning opportunity for our guests. We call these classes our Intensive Classes. We asked these instructors to come up with classes that would show the students something completely different and challenge the student to look at the subject in a different way. These classes are NOT a part of any package and must be purchased separate. Each class will last for one hour and cost $20.00. The classes are scheduled when there are no other classes running. We hope you enjoy them.

Saturday 29th at 4pm - "Creating Dynamic Rhythm Turns" - Main Ballroom Taught by Natalie and Joe

This class will be teaching how to create torque and speed in turns. We will be giving exercises people can take home with them to practice. You don't have to come with a partner. We will cover swivels, pivots, 3 step turns, spirals and even leaders role in leading swivels. If time allows, we will talk about leaders differentiating between a single turn and multiple turns.

Sunday 30th at 10am in the main Ballroom Katja Marc-Harris - "Arm Styling and Awareness in all styles"

If you’ve ever wondered where your arms should be during a dance, this class is for you! 

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of arm styling. We will cover arm exercises that will help you understand how to use your arms in conjunction with the body. You will acquire tips on how proper arm use can increase your confidence and presence on the dance floor. Discover how arms can express the character of different dances. Most importantly you will learn how to execute certain moves with confidence and control!


This is a must have for dancers at all levels: Social dancers, competitors, leaders and followers.

Monday 31st at 4pm in the Commodore Room Martin Smith along with Rick Zilonka (Both Ballroom Adjudicators) "From a Judge's view"
Class Description

Have you ever wondered what a ballroom dance judge is really looking for? How are judges able to watch all the dancers on the competition floor anyway?

What role does posture, line, presentation, timing, floor craft, power, shape, technical skill and showmanship have in competition?

I am a social dancer, why is this important to me? What will separate me from other dancers? Why do judges sometimes see things differently?  

The answers to these and many other questions await you in this one of a kind workshop. Learn first-hand from two judges with decades of experience as ballroom dance adjudicators. Whether you are a competitor, performer or social dancer, this is a ‘must do’ workshop.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the little things you can do to impact your presence on the dance floor.

Tuesday 1st at 4pm in the Commodore Room Phyllis Harris and Mercedes Cook "A Sensual Walk with Dynamic Circular Turns" (Argentine Tango)

The smoldering sensual connection is Argentine Tango.
We cannot keep our eyes off couples exuding the qualities of connection. It starts
with deeply connected walking in various systems…parallel walking and cross
system walking! Add to this the dynamic energy of circular turns and the magic
mysteriously happens.
La Caminata/The Walk: This intensive class will solidify your walking styles
allowing new dimensions of them to be available with new techniques.
Giros/Turns:  New technical confidence from walking flows directly into turns.
 Tight turns are the signature moves of the masters.  With new structure in body
alignment your turns will develop with effortless fluidly.

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