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                                        Our 2018-19 NYE DJ - Dr. Peter Collins

We are thrilled to have drawn such interest from so many talented professionals who want to work with us on this year’s New Year’s Gala. We had three amazing choices to select from for DJ this year and while it was difficult to choose, we are proud to announce that we have secured the services of Dr. Peter Collins as our DJ!

Peter comes to us with 36 years’ experience as a ballroom DJ including 29 years as the DJ for the New Year’s Eve Yuletide Ball in Bethesda MD. Peter has been a USA Dance member since 1980 where he has previously served as a member of the governing council, chairman of Region 6 DanceSport and Vice President of the Mid Eastern Chapter.

He has also coached the University of Virginia Dance Club. Peter is a former United States Amateur Champion and Former United States representative to World Amateur Championships.

 Welcome to Peter!